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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Changing Cell Phones Without Changing Your Carrier or Phone Number

Many of our customers wonder how they can "upgrade", change, or get a new cell phone while keeping the same number, plan and carrier. This brief article explains the different options available to customers who would like to change or get a new cell phone and also when to do this to save the maximum amount of money.

Popular reasons for wanting to upgrade or change your cell phone:
1) Your cell phone has been damaged and you would like to replace it.
2) Your contract length is either completed or close to being completed.
3) Just want a newer or better phone.

Customers can upgrade or change their cell phones at any time. The issue that prevents them from doing this at any time is the cost. Getting phone X at one time could be free, while getting it at another time could cost you $200 or $300 dollars, or at another time it could cost you somewhere in between. In our explanation below, we will help you make the best choice at the best time to save you as much as possible.

Best Way to Upgrade or Change Your Cell Phone and Save

1) Customers with expired/completed contracts.
If your contract has finished, you have 2 options:
  1. Purchase a new phone and plan with another carrier - Many carriers nowadays offer similar plans, which means you can get a very similar plan with a brand new phone (many for free) and bring your number over for free as well. LowCostCells.com offers brand new plans and phones on all major carriers.

  2. Upgrade your existing plan, extend your contract and get a new cell phone - All carriers allow you to renew your contract once its term has been completed. Some wireless carriers allow you to upgrade/renew 2-3 months before the end of the contract. Contact your specific carrier and ask "When will I be eligible for upgrade?", if your carrier allows you to upgrade before the end of the contract, you should take advantage and renew. Important Note: You should absolutely upgrade/change your cell phone when renewing/upgrading your cell phone plan. You will get a good discount on the phone when upgrading during this time. If you do not change phones at the time of renewing your contract, later on you will not get any discount on another cell phone. You will have to pay full price, which can easily be hundreds of dollars. Currently, LowCostCells.com offers cell phone and plan upgrades for Sprint, Nextel and AT&T/Cingular.
2) Customers Already in an Existing Contract.
If you are already in a contract, then you have 1 and a possible 2nd option.
  1. Purchase a phone only - Customers already in a contract and nowhere near eligibility for an upgrade have the option to purchase just a cell phone without any plan. This is the most expensive option, but unfortunately for customers who want or need a new cell phone this is the only option.

  2. Find out when you will be eligible for upgrade. Purchasing a phone with a contract upgrade/renewal will cost you much less and therefore it is to your benefit to find out when you will be eligible for upgrade and take advantage of this option. If you find out you are just a few months away from being eligible for upgrade, it's worth it to wait rather than pay full price for a phone only.

3) Customers With Damaged/Broken Phones or Just Wanting a New Phone.
If your phone is damaged/broken or you just want a new phone then read above to see which other option you fall under. 1) In an expired contract, ready to renew. 2) In an existing contract, not eligible for upgrade.

These are the different options available to customers who want to get a new phone with the best solution and the least cost. Again to reiterate: 1) Get a brand new plan & phone with a different carrier 2) Upgrade your existing cell phone plan (must get new phone at time of renewing contract/upgrade). 3) Purchase just a phone or phone only with no contract plans.

LowCostCells.com sells new phones and plan contracts for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, Nextel, Alltel and others. You can also renew your cell phone contract and get a brand new phone when upgrading your Sprint, Nextel or AT&T phone.

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